Please leave a comment below if I have looked after your pet or you are a fan of our biscuits!

Many thanks

Astrid x


10 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Emma Pape

    Astrid looks after my black lab puppy, Roxy and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Astrid is trustworthy, kind and caring, which are all so important to me and my pup. I often need Astrid to look after Roxy at short notice and she always caters for us. The bonus is that now Astrid bakes gorgeous dog treats, which Roxy adores!! Thanks for all your help, as always! 🙂

  2. Michelle Styles

    Jasper always looks forward to Astrid walking him when I am out for the day as she plays with him and gives him lots of treats and cuddles. Astrid has always been very reliable, even when I book her at the last minute. Thank you!

  3. Karen

    I can definitely recommend the biscuits -the dogs were fighting over them! And here I thought that they sounded a too healthy to be tasty!

  4. Vicki and Stella

    Astrid goes above and beyond to help you out as well as walking dogs and feeding cats! She is so helpful, always on the end of a text if you need emergency pet care. My dog Stella loves her! I particularly like her flexibility and reasonable rates, and our pets got a sweet gift at Christmas left on the doorstep, which went down very well with the cat and dog. I would recommend Astrid to everyone. It’s so nice to know you can trust someone to do an amazing job when your not around.

  5. wE dUs LoVe dA miLLy’S dOGgiE dEeLiGhTs. dEy iS sO nOmMy nOm. mUm sAyS dEy iS fULL oF sUpA hEaLtHy igNgRediEnTs wOT iS gOoD fOr uS tOo!

    wE diD aLsO sEnD dEm tO pALs fOr cHriStMAs pReSsiEs & dEy sAiD dEy wAs oH sO yUmMiE oN dEr tUmMiEs tOO!

    wE aLsO sAyS dAt miLLiE’S mUm iS a sUpA aSsiStAnT foR miLLiE aNd sHe wOrkS hArD mAKiNG aLL dOsE dELiciOuS tReAtS aNd sEnDiNG dEm tO uS. tHanKiNG yOo miLLiE oH & mUm! hEe hEe!

    hUGs & kiSsEs tO yOo aLL, hArVs & Lord Percy Pickle Plum xx

  6. Jo E

    I feel relaxed and happy when on holiday or away for the weekend to have Astrid feed my two cats. I would recommend her to all cat and dog owners and her rates are very good. She has always been available and flexible, even at the last minute!
    Thanks so much!

  7. Grace and Molly

    Astrid walks our 6 month puppy on an ad hoc basis. As shift workers we can really rely on her to be available when we get stuck at work which is such a life saver, especially for the pup who would probably go stir crazy if she wasn’t so reliable. I would highly recommend using mydoggywalks, even when poorly she dragged her self to our house so that the Molly mushkin could get some lovin!

  8. From H & H, St Albans, via Etsy

    “Thank you so much for dropping the lovely treats in today – my dog Henry is going mad for them right now and I can’t believe how fresh they are!! 🙂

    They smell so good.

    Thanks again – and for the refund for the shipping – that was very kind of you.

    Many thanks”.

  9. Jackie Hislop

    Astrid is so kind and caring of all animals. Our girls especially love her delicious homemade treats! And Astrid is so accommodating with short notice. Thank you!

  10. From Liz, St Albans (via Facebook)
    “Astrid has looked after my akita and my bulldog while I was abroad. Both dogs loved her and were in great shape when I returned. I would gladly ask her to do it again.” Thank you Liz, Bertie and Lucy – A x

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