Just a few formalities to ensure all around safety and assurance.


In order to maintain in full control of your dog I will only walk dogs who have a good recall and are unaggressive. I will never walk more than 4 dogs at one time but the vast majority of my walks will only feature one or two dogs at one time.

You will provide your pets usual food, treats, bowls, access to water, toys etc.

You will provide the right equipment in order for me to safely take your dog out for walk i.e. collar, leads, harness where needed, toys, treats, coats and a towel for wiping muddy paws. I will provide the necessary bags for disposal of dog mess and will make sure I responsibly dispose of this when out.

I will require written consent to take your dog off the lead when out walking, and will only take dog off the lead where safe, enclosed and away from roads and cars.

I have the right to turn down a job if I think I can’t control the dog safely, or if I am concerned of the pet’s welfare.

I have the right to return any dog home who nips, mouths, bites or continues to cause a nuisance and I struggle to maintain control. Any walks which have to be cut short will still incur the full cost.


If I am unable to contact you or your emergency contact whilst your pet is in my care then I reserve the right to consult a vet and make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal. If your dog urgently needs to see a vet whilst in my care I will endeavour to take it to your own, usual vet. If this is not possible I will take it to Animalism Vets, St Stephens Hill, AL1 2DS (T: 01727 858 787).

Please provide proof of all current vaccinations. You must ensure your dog is in good health and not carrying any illness or diseases which can spread to the others. If I believe that your pet is not in good health then I reserve the right to seek advice from my local vet. You will be liable for any fees incurred.

I will immediately inform you of any unforeseen circumstances which your dog may fall under, i.e. illness, injury or escape.


Cancellation of any service must be made atleast 24 hours before the service is due to start (unless it is an extreme circumstance) or full payment will be charged to you.

The Pet Information Form provided by me upon first meeting must be filled in, signed and returned to me with full instructions before the first date of my visit – either by email, in person or by post.

If I have to cancel due to any unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, I will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and/ or organise appropriate cover.

Notice of my holidays will be given well in advance allowing you to make other arrangements (applicable to regular clients in particular).

Doggywalks is not held responsible if your cat gets out of your house / garden / enclosure if it has not been made secure by the owner.

Any vet bills incurred are payable by the pet owner


I am insured for loss or theft of keys, and will make sure any copies of your keys I have will always be kept in a safe place. I will not enter your home unless instructed and asked to do so, and I will not lend or give your keys to anyone.

If you will not be at home when I visit your small pet, then I will be happy to look after a key or collect it from a neighbour. If, each time I visit, you wish me to collect a key in advance or from another destination other than a neighbour, there will be a surcharge of £5 per collection.


All ad hoc bookings must be paid in full, in cash or cheque, on my first visit to your pet. If paying by cheque: Simply leave me your cheque for collection at my first visit to your petPlease make your cheque payable to: ASTRID HOJLUND. Please write your address on the back of the cheque.

Regular customers: Will be invoiced at the end of each month. Payment is by cash or cheque.  Simply leave me your cheque for collection at my next dog walk/ pet visit.

New! Standing Order/ Direct Debit: If preferred, I am happy to give you my details for you to set up a Standing Order or manual transfer.

Prompt payment is gratefully received. Payment to be no later than 14 days after invoice date. If payment is not received by this date then 20% of the bill will be added to the total for each day that payment is overdue.

If your cheque is returned unpaid by the bank, I will pass on to you the current bank charge for failed cheque credits (currently approx. £7.50) this will be in addition to your outstanding payment.