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Keeping in the know of the very best pet training tools can be difficult if you don’t quite know where to look for. There are so many brands out there, all promising results and high-quality products, but how do you know you are buying the best for you and your furry friend?

We’ll keep you posted on the very best in pet and dog training tools and equipment right here.

1. Membo

This handy tool allows everyone in the house to keep track of whether or not Rover has been fed. A lot of times, especially if you live in a household, it can get tricky when it comes to feeding your pets. With Membo, you’ll know if you should be your best friend or if someone has done it already.

2. PetSafe Toys

At PetSafe you will be able to buy all types of tools, toys and equipment for your best friend. From leashes to brushes and more. They stock Best Buddy dog toys that are not only fun and educational, but rewarding for both you and your fur-baby.

3. FURminator Brush

Taking your best friend for grooming can be quite pricey. With the FURminator brush you can get up your game and do it yourself at home. The brand has loads of brushes and de-shedders to help you get rid of all those loose hairs easily.

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